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I'm Abigail, call me Abby or Doodle. I am 16 and I love doodling on paper and creating digital art on Photoshop. Enjoy my gallery! I'm not that amazing, and I have a lot of fanart, but I work hard on the art I make. I hope you like it as much as I do! :D

    The Perfect X Men Animated Show

    I’ve watched a lot of X Men. Seriously, I have watched almost all of the X Men related animated shows by Marvel. I couldn’t get through the 90’s one though. (Please don’t kill me! I’m sorry I’m sorry!) But it’s been about 5 years since the last show ‘Wolverine and the X Men’ ended and the sequel to First Class is coming out soon. I think it is high time some guys at Marvel start planning another series (and make sure it lasts longer than 1 season please!!)

    I will probably refer back to all of the X Men shows I have watched (and the 90’s one, because I know a bit about it), so I’m just gonna run through them:

    X Men: The Animated Series. “90’s X Men” (1992-1997) The longest running X Men series.

    X Men: Evolution. “X Men Evo” (2000-2003) (My personal favorite. Pretty campy now.)

    Wolverine and the X Men. “WATXM” (Jan. 2009-Nov. 2009) Most modern. First series to heavily feature Emma Frost. ONLY LASTED ONE SEASON OMG WHY? I’m sorry. That bothers me.

    I even watched the X Men Anime! (April 2011-June 2011) Only 12 episodes. More adult, only 13+ fans should watch it. Almost every female had BIG BOOBS, which seriously threw me off.

    I may even mention the Fox X Men movies and X Men: First Class movie. Never watched all of The Last Stand and I DON’T PLAN TOO. I KNOW WHO DIES. NOT HAPPENING.

    *Ahem* So now that you know my references, let’s get started. Here is my list of what should be considered if another animated X Men series was made. It’ll mainly be addressed to Marvel and Co. but I know it’s gonna be fans that read it. If you have any suggestions feel free to say it in a comment. Remember that this is my personal list, so not everyone will agree with it, but I’m taking into account some things I have heard from other fans. This isn’t the PERFECT list, but I do think it would still give X Men nerds and newcomers a great show. So here we go!

    Let’s start with certain characters:

    Jean Grey. Jean Grey is NOT A GODDESS. Is that spelled clearly enough for you Marvel? While I admit that there are MULTIPLE Mary Sues in the X Men universe (looking at you Wolverine…) Jean Grey usually takes the cake for Sue-tendencies. She has two very powerful abilities which is “unheard of” to Xavier, she has been known to resurrect herself in the comics, she is wanted by every mutant leader for her power, always drop-dead gorgeous to almost every male in ANY version of X Men you pick, and she is always the kindest, most wonderful person ever until the Phoenix Force shows up.

    This will have to change. Jean Grey needs to have a more defined personality and her powers need to be more fleshed out. Her telepathy has had to grow over time, and maybe at the start of the show she could be just starting to learn telekinesis. The audience needs to see her training, and see a development. She’s powerful, but Magneto, Mr. Sinister, and Xavier don’t need to be fighting over her. And she should only be “really” attractive to a couple of men like Scott and Logan, not everyone. And I want to see a Phoenix Saga! I have not watched the 90’s X Men, which is the only show that featured the saga based on the comic books. (WATXM features the Jean with the Phoenix Force but she only appears in like 26% of the episodes, and she had amnesia for the majority of the show. Lame.)

    And I request her character is given FRECKLES. Why? She’s a RED HEAD. Red heads are known for their freckles! And because Jean is a porcelain faced goddess, she can’t have freckles. I think freckles would make her character design more interesting, and it would be a fun change of pace for the fans.

    Jean Grey is often a source of contention. She is either loved or greatly disliked. Not many people are indifferent to her, if you know enough about the character you WILL have an opinion. (Look at her Wikipedia page) Jean needs to be balanced out, and some of her Sue tendencies need to go. If she can be turned into a fleshed out character, even while having a Dark Phoenix Saga, it would be a major achievement and the fans would be thankful.

    Scott Summers. Scott does not have to be boring! Now I’m going to spend a lot of time talking about his character because Scott seems to be the most forgotten, least developed character on the whole team besides Storm, and even Storm gets an episode once in a while! (We’ll get to her later…) But when you think about it, there is so much material to work with.

    In X Men: Evolution Scott’s backstory is revealed. He was in a plane crash and lost both of his parents, and his younger brother! A plane crash is stressful enough (LOST fans will agree), but then Scott wakes up in an unfamiliar country, surrounded by people he doesn’t know, who tell him that he was the only survivor of the crash; and the three people he loves most in the world are dead. And to top it all off, he’s just a kid! He doesn’t have the maturity to handle that kind of news properly! Can you imagine the kind of psychological problems that caused him? (Not to mention the fact that he probably had a morbid fear of planes/flying for years afterwards.)

    Then he goes back to his home country, goes into foster care, (gets a psychiatrist) and then matures into a teenager. And then Scott gets his powers. Think about what Scott can do with proper discipline and special glasses. He’s pretty powerful, and can do some damage. Now imagine him without his glasses, with no idea how to control his powers, and full of raging hormones. When Scott first discovered his powers he probably DESTROYED lots of property. And where was he when his powers kicked in? Did he destroy his foster home? Was he at school? And what if he injured, or even killed, someone? He knows how hard it is to lose a loved one, let alone knowing he CAUSED the death and following heartbreak.

    And then the Professor comes and turns his life around. Xavier takes Scott to live in the mansion and teaches him to use his powers effectively, and provide him with glasses to help him see again. No X Men series I’ve seen has really explained the relationship between Scott and the Professor. Did Xavier adopt him? Did the Institute just cover as another foster home? Either way, Xavier is the closest thing Scott has to family since his parents died. And Xavier also doubles as the best psychologist ever. Scott owes his life and sanity to Xavier, and the relationship between them can’t be overlooked.

    By the way, one of the best Scott episodes I have seen is the X Men Evo episode “Blind Alley.” It shows off the true power of Scott, and how tragic his situation really is; while also showing how ruthless Mystique is when seeking revenge. I love that episode. Another good one is the WATXM episode “Breakdown.” This gives a rushed through version of Scott’s past through flashbacks, while heavily focusing on Jean Grey and how she changed his life. I like the flashbacks up until Jean shows up.

    Speaking of Jean and Scott: Scott does not need to be joined at the hip to Jean Grey! I know there are a lot of Jean/Scott shippers, and I agree, they should be together, but Scott is usually shown to be DEDICATED to Jean, and that’s not really respectful to his character. The X Men Anime starts out with Jean sacrificing herself (another Mary Sue trait) to save her friends from the Phoenix Force. Then we see Scott sitting near her burial place, still moping, ONE YEAR LATER. Get on with your life buddy! In the movies, we saw this too. In X2, Jean sacrifices herself to save her team. In X3, The Last Stand, Scott goes back to where she died (at least a month or 2 later) still not over her, and he is killed off by Phoenix-Jean in the first 20 MINUTES OF THE MOVIE. In the episode “Breakdown,” which I already mentioned, Scott says that Jean Grey was the one that helped to be happy and get over his problems, when really it was Xavier who got Scott back on his feet. I want to see Scott being independent and not always relying on his girlfriend to give him the will to live. That’s not a character. That’s Bella Swan Syndrome.

    I know this was a long winded section, but I needed to get that off my chest. Scott isn’t even my favorite character, but I think that’s what makes it necessary to discuss. It’s so sad when fans have to suffer watching a two-dimensional, stick in the mud, bossy, not very likeable character; when we could be watching a really interesting and complex character trying to get over his past. With a little more emotional weight to his backstory, and giving him a personality to match the effects of his troubled childhood, I think Scott Summers could become a fan favorite. (Or at least another Woobie to latch onto.)

    Gambit. He needs to be a main character. I’m not even a big Gambit fan, and even I know this guy needs more spotlight. At least the 90’s version got it right. He was on the main team and had plenty of attention. In X Men Evo he was on Magnetos team, which worked out, but then he would flirt with Rogue like on the 90’s version. Which didn’t work because Rogue was at least 17 and had not graduated from high school, and Gambit was more like…25. That’s creepy. In WATXM he was only in 2 episodes and his character was stripped down to a smooth-talking thief willing to trick naïve, innocent young women to get his way. (“Aces and Eights” is the episode to which I am referring. He becomes pretty much intolerable by the end.)  Not to mention he was never even in the same room as Rogue in that series. LAME. And I didn’t even watch Wolverine Origins, which was the only movie he’s ever been in. HORRIBLY AWFULY LAME.

    Gambit is a fun character who deserves more attention. He has a family known for being thieves, but that doesn’t stop him from helping the X Men and stealing the hearts of any female he comes across. Since I doubt we’re going to see him in another movie anytime soon (unless Days of Future Past has a few more surprises in store), we’ll have to make him a more permanent member of the X Men. And can we find a way tone down the pink in his outfit? And headgear that doesn’t make his hair look like a bowl cut (Evo) or floppy fringe (WATXM)? Is that too much to ask for?

    Nightcrawler. My favorite X Man, and a very common fan favorite, Kurt is kind of a mixed bag. He was hardly in the 90’s version, but that’s because he wasn’t that commonly recurring in the comics at the time. By the time X Men: Evo came around he was a staple of the team. Except in the anime, where he was never on the team. And he only got in one X Men movie. At least in WATXM he was in the beginning of the first episode, was the main character of 3/26 episodes and has the thickest German accent you will hear on anyone. (Look up the episode “X-Calibre”. You’ll have to do your homework on the villains, but Kurt swordfights. Like a pirate. Nuff said.)

    The unfortunate thing about WATXM is that he isn’t seen just hanging out with the other X Men. The reason I love X Men: Evolution so much is because Kurt became a real character. His situation was tragic, but he put his past behind him and looked at the world optimistically. (Scott, take notes.) He bounced off of the other characters. I love the dialogue between him and Kitty in that show. He showed the audience that he could be friends with almost anyone, and invited us to befriend him as well. Then I was disappointed with other versions because either there wasn’t enough of him, or he never had fun with the rest of the team. In WATXM we see only one time, when he is first introduced, having fun dialogue with Kitty. That’s it. We don’t see the relationships he has with the other X Men, which is part of the reason fans love him so much. If he’s going to be in another version, then we have to see him interacting with everyone else. The fangirls will be pleased.

    Storm. GIVE HER A PERSONALITY. Besides Cyclops and Beast, the only other X Man who doesn’t really get a lot of character/development is Storm. And it’s pretty funny to say that when you realize that she is in just about every X Men series there is. For one of the main team members she usually only gets one episode, and it’s always about her background in Africa (and it either involves the Shadow King taking her over, or someone threatening something of hers). She is more than the token black lady.

    In WATXM it shows that she used to be an orphan, and stole things for the Shadow King. (Maybe she should get along better with Gambit…) And then Xavier just shows up and takes her away. Was he taking a safari and just happened to sense her powers? This could stand to be described a bit more. (I think there is a comic series that shows Storms past better, guys. You can use that.) How did Storm adjust to living in America? How old was she? Did the Professor “adopt” her too? Storm’s past needs much more definition if that’s one of her obligatory episodes.

    Her role in the team has also varied. In the anime she was the only female until Emma Frost came along, and she was the mediator between Wolverine and Cyclops. In the 90’s version and X Men Evo she has more of a role as a central team member, and even gets a family and nephew in Evo! (He was obnoxious and I didn’t like him) In WATXM she kind of just sinks into the background and doesn’t really seem very important. Since she is in every series, and probably will continue to be, her role needs to be viewed with respect and she needs to gain a more defined personality besides “classy.”

    (I’m just going to say it: I don’t really like the concept of Punk!Storm because there’s already enough tough members of the team. Her actions and her way of speaking are usually pretty different from the X Men in most of the series I’ve watched, which make her unique. She can still be tough, strong and sassy while still sounding like a respectful lady, but being a punk kind of degrades her character into even more of a stereotype than she already is.)

    Mystique. Now Mystique is also a mixed bag. Since she’s a villain she has been portrayed very differently in different series. I don’t know much about her portrayal in the 90’s version, but I think she was okay. My favorite interpretation is from X Men Evo. We see a villain who makes good uses of her disguise ability, with a great chilling voice that just exudes ‘evil.’ (Thank you Colleen Wheeler) She’s pretty good in the Fox movies too (thank you Rebecca Romijn, but no more nudity please). I don’t know if I really liked Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in First Class. I just hope she pulls it off in Days of Future Past.

    My least favorite representation is from WATXM. All of her badness is toned down and she’s just a blue skinned lady with good fighting moves who knows the right information. She gives Nightcrawler a good kick in the face at one point; which, believe me, if you watch that episode and get background you’ll think it’s the evilest thing she’s done. But then she starts talking about her past relationship with Logan, and she starts getting mushy. And all her awesome badness goes out the window. Her evil villain side is gone and instead we just see “emotionally scarred Spy!Mystique,” which I don’t like at all when you compare her to past versions. (“Blind Alley.” X Men: Evolution. You will see her evil better than anything WATXM could offer up.)

    Basically, BRING EVIL MYSTIQUE BACK. (And give her back the original white outfit from the 90’s. Skull belt optional.) Please and thank you, Marvel. 


    I don’t really have much more to say about the other X Men. They seem to be okay and I like them well enough. I’ll give a quick run-through of slight adjustments:

    Wolverine needs to get out of the spotlight. Yes, he is probably the most popular and widely known X Men character, but he’s gotten enough attention! He’s in every series adaptation, gotten 2 solo movies (one which I heard sucked, and one which was pretty good), he’s the focus of WATXM, and it sounds like he’s the pivotal character in Days of Future Past. We know about his past in Japan. We know he’s 5 bajillion years old. It’s time to move on. Nightcrawler is another popular character, but you don’t see him getting a solo movie! (MARVEL. ALAN CUMMING. GET ON THAT.)  All I’m saying is that if another X Men series is made I want other characters getting more attention. Take a back seat, Logan.

    Rogue. Although I didn’t mind her as an emo in Evo I had a problem with her in WATXM. She was constantly switching sides, and her constant bickering with Logan was not fun to sit through. And her hair was ridiculous. Bring back 90’s Rogue! I want a fun-loving southern Belle to hang out with Gambit!

           Things to think about in this new series:

    Character Age/Occupations: I say that for this new series we make the characters a little younger, but not too young. X Men Evolution had the main cast as 16-18 year olds. 90’s X Men had the main cast as mid 20’s-30 year olds (excluding Xavier in all cases, and Jubilee in the 90’s case). I think most of the cast in this hypothetical series should be 18-25. No more high school problems, instead our X Men have to deal with the pressures of college and adulthood.

    Since our X Men are adults now I think at least a couple of them should try to get job…because really think about it: How rich IS Xavier? He bought a mansion, created a Danger Room, and has specially designed costumes made for several people. I think that would be spending a good chunk of his wealth. He can’t pay for everything that goes on in the mansion after that! Tons of food and clothes, whatever Beast is experimenting on, repairing damage that new students are inevitably going to cause? That bank account won’t last forever. So shouldn’t at least a few X Men try paying for their own room and board? At least because they want to “give back” to the Professor for all he has done for them? (I’m looking at you Scott and Jean.)

    MRD: In Wolverine and the X Men the Mutant Response Division (MRD) is introduced. They are a kind of police force that has mutants register with the government, and if they aren’t registered then they are arrested. I like the concept, but in the show they are already established. I want to see the makings of the MRD. What happened to Senetor Kelly in order to convince him to go this far? Did one mutant mess it up for everyone else? I don’t know, just another thing to think about.

    Costumes: Now I’m actually a pretty practical person. Even though the colorful 90’s outfits are a staple of the characters, I think they should be toned down. (DON’T KILL ME!) The 90’s are great, but when you’re trying to fight crime at night I don’t think it’s very practical for your team to look like a rainbow. However, I’m not saying they all have to be dressed in black leather, or yellow and blue restraining jackets. To me, the movies focus only on practicality, or “team” costumes so everyone looks the same. But then the costumes lose all personality and they aren’t fun.

    The Fox movies look like they all bought every black leather jacket in the city and sewed them into suits. Look at a poster for the first movie!  Every character is a floating head because all you see is black and grey! And the First Class color scheme is ridiculous. I’m sorry, but Mystique, honey…why did you agree to yellow and blue? It looks awful. No wonder you run around nude. This is also the same color scheme used in WATXM, but the bright yellow is changed to a mustard. Better, but then Nightcrawler is wearing all red! He’s excluded from the color scheme because he would look awful! That’s not fair.

    And if you want to find the most impractical outfit of X Men land, look no further than Kitty in WATXM. Go on, open a new tab and find a picture. Now ask yourself: How did she put it on? How many layers is she wearing? What is with those boots? And the hair! It’s horrible! This is a BAD COSTUME, plain and simple. (My second choice would be Jean Grey from the 90’s. Nude colored outfit with a weird head brace and shoulder pads. WHY?)

    I like to be practical, but I’m also a fan girl. Tone down the costume colors, no more contrasting blue/yellow, and I think they’ll be great.

    And I think that is all for my obnoxiously long list! I heard that Marvel might already be making a new series, so if it’s still in development we need to pass this list along! Again, if you have any feedback let me know. :)

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